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    In Defense of Advertising is a theoretical defense based on the philosophy of Ayn Rand and the economics of Ludwig von Mises. It argues that the proper foundations of advertising are reason, ethical egoism, and laissez-faire capitalism. Its theme is that the social and economic criticisms of advertising are false because they are based on a false philo­sophic and economic world view. Only an alter­native world view can refute the charges and put forth a positive moral evaluation of advertising's…Read more
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    Kirkpatrick responds to "minor shortcomings" discussed in Juliusz Jablecki's review of In Defense of Advertising ("Defending Advertising"). The main issue is the need to delve deeply into the Objectivist ethics and epistemology in order to defend the very applied and concrete discipline of advertising. Kirkpatrick expands on this need and then briefly addresses additional minor complaints mentioned in the generally positive review