• “Curriculum ideological and Politics”—an important hot word in college education, is a crucial way to implement the fundamental policy of “morality education”. As a new concept and new model of education, “Curriculum Ideological and Politics” emphasizes strengthening ideological and political education for students while imparting scientific and cultural knowledge, breaking discipline boundaries, making all disciplines follow the same direction, fully combining knowledge education with morality …Read more
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    A Brief Survey of the Graph Wavelet Frame
    with Zeze Zhang
    Complexity 2022 1-12. 2022.
    In recent years, the research of wavelet frames on the graph has become a hot topic in harmonic analysis. In this paper, we mainly introduce the relevant knowledge of the wavelet frames on the graph, including relevant concepts, construction methods, and related theory. Meanwhile, because the construction of graph tight framelets is closely related to the classical wavelet framelets on ℝ, we give a new construction of tight frames on ℝ. Based on the pseudosplines of type II, we derive an MRA tig…Read more
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    The purpose is to help college students start their own businesses and protect and develop China’s intangible cultural heritage. The entrepreneurship of college students in the field of intangible culture is studied from the perspective of entrepreneurial psychology. First, the related characteristics, main content, and research status of college entrepreneurship education are described in detail. Entrepreneurial psychology is divided into entrepreneurial cognition, entrepreneurial emotion and e…Read more
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    Emotional conversation generation with heterogeneous graph neural network
    with Yunlong Liang, Fandong Meng, Ying Zhang, Yufeng Chen, and Jinan Xu
    Artificial Intelligence 308 (C): 103714. 2022.
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    It has been well established that life satisfaction is related to perceived social justice. However, current theories provide contrary assumptions on the direction of the influence. In this research, we use data from two longitudinal surveys collected in China to test the reciprocal relations between life satisfaction and perceived social justice over time. With a random intercept cross-lagged panel model, we disaggregate the between-person effect and the within-person effect of the relationship…Read more
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    Application of an Improved Ensemble Local Mean Decomposition Method for Gearbox Composite Fault Diagnosis
    with Zhijian Wang, Junyuan Wang, Wenan Cai, Wenhua Du, Jingtai Wang, Gaofeng He, and Huihui He
    Complexity 2019 1-17. 2019.
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    Voluntary participation and comprehension of informed consent in a genetic epidemiological study of breast cancer in Nigeria
    with Patricia A. Marshall, Clement A. Adebamowo, Adebowale A. Adeyemo, Temidayo O. Ogundiran, Teri Strenski, and Charles N. Rotimi
    BMC Medical Ethics 15 (1): 38. 2014.
    Studies on informed consent to medical research conducted in low or middle-income settings have increased, including empirical investigations of consent to genetic research. We investigated voluntary participation and comprehension of informed consent among women involved in a genetic epidemiological study on breast cancer in an urban setting of Nigeria comparing women in the case and control groups