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    Visual models in analogical problem solving
    with Nancy J. Nersessian and Ashok K. Goel
    Foundations of Science 10 (1): 133-152. 2005.
    Visual analogy is believed to be important in human problem solving. Yet, there are few computational models of visual analogy. In this paper, we present a preliminary computational model of visual analogy in problem solving. The model is instantiated in a computer program, called Galatea, which uses a language for representing and transferring visual information called Privlan. We describe how the computational model can account for a small slice of a cognitive-historical analysis of Maxwell’s …Read more
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    Coherence in the Visual Imagination
    with Michael O. Vertolli and Matthew A. Kelly
    Cognitive Science 42 (3): 885-917. 2018.
    An incoherent visualization is when aspects of different senses of a word are present in the same visualization. We describe and implement a new model of creating contextual coherence in the visual imagination called Coherencer, based on the SOILIE model of imagination. We show that Coherencer is able to generate scene descriptions that are more coherent than SOILIE's original approach as well as a parallel connectionist algorithm that is considered competitive in the literature on general coher…Read more
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    Review. Reate. MC Spadoni Cerroni, AM Reggiani Massarini
    The Classical Review 49 (2): 490-491. 1999.
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