• Parallel belief revision: Revising by sets of formulas
    with James Delgrande
    Artificial Intelligence 176 (1): 2223-2245. 2012.
  • Iterated belief revision, revised
    with Michael Thielscher
    Artificial Intelligence 171 (1): 1-18. 2007.
  •  3
    A Robust k-Means Clustering Algorithm Based on Observation Point Mechanism
    with Xiaoliang Zhang, Yulin He, Honglian Qin, Muhammad Azhar, and Joshua Zhexue Huang
    Complexity 2020 1-11. 2020.
    The k-means algorithm is sensitive to the outliers. In this paper, we propose a robust two-stage k-means clustering algorithm based on the observation point mechanism, which can accurately discover the cluster centers without the disturbance of outliers. In the first stage, a small subset of the original data set is selected based on a set of nondegenerate observation points. The subset is a good representation of the original data set because it only contains all those points that have a higher…Read more
  • 5.2. Fertility Regulation: A Feminist Perspective
    Bioethics in Asia: The Proceedings of the Unesco Asian Bioethics Conference (Abc'97) and the Who-Assisted Satellite Symposium on Medical Genetics Services, 3-8 Nov, 1997 in Kobe/Fukui, Japan, 3rd Murs Japan International Symposium, 2nd Congress of the Asi. forthcoming.