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    PyNE progress report
    with C. R. Bates, E. Biondo, K. Huff, K. Kiesling, A. Scopatz, R. Carlsen, A. Davis, M. Gidden, T. Haines, J. Howland, B. Huff, K. Manalo, A. Opotowsky, R. Slaybaugh, E. Relson, P. Romano, P. Shriwise, P. Wilson, and J. Zachman
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    Currently, buildings in the U.S. account for more than 40 % of total primary energy. In China, the same figure is 20 %. Detailed building energy analysis and benchmarking based on energy monitoring are becoming vitally important for the evaluation of energy-efficient technologies and related policy making. This paper focuses on methods and challenges in energy benchmarking of office buildings between the U.S. and China, based on the experiences and outcomes of a joint research project under the …Read more