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    The General Will Gendered
    Social Philosophy Today 8 219-231. 1993.
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    The Changing Critical Fortunes of The Second Sex
    History and Theory 32 (1): 51-73. 1993.
    This article is a "review of reviews," a study of the critical response to Simone de Beauvoir's book, The Second Sex , published in 1949; it also reports the publishing history and provides some statistical information on the criticism and citations of the book. The claim here is that Beauvoir's work is a "classic" appreciated for its theoretical notion of "woman as absolute Other" and its accompanying description of patriarchal culture as a reflection of that notion. But it is a classic with a …Read more
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    This paper examines the Bush Administration’s immigration “reform” initiative of January 2004, which proposes a guest worker category to further regulate the continuing immigration of workers into the United States. The plan is particularly intended to affect the flow of workers from Mexico. I will argue that this doesn’t represent an improvement but rather creates a deeper level of alienation for the laborer and greater control for global capital, and results in another layer of control over hu…Read more
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    Simone de Beauvoir's Notion of the Self: Philosophy Becomes Autobiography
    Dissertation, The Johns Hopkins University. 1989.
    This study compares Simone de Beauvoir's theory of the self developed in her philosophical writings with the self presented in her autobiographical writings. ;The Introduction notes relevant differences in the Anglo-American and Continental philosophic traditions and in French and English and explains the existential-phenomenological analysis of the self. In chapter one I argue that, though Beauvoir began her investigation of the self with this analysis , she interpreted it to include an emphasi…Read more
  • The General Will Gendered
    Social Philosophy Today 8 219-231. 1993.