• Differences Between Subclinical Ruminators and Reflectors in Narrating Autobiographical Memories: Innovative Moments and Autobiographical Reasoning
    with Tilmann Habermas, Iris Delarue, Pia Eiswirth, Sarah Glanz, Christin Krämer, Axel Landertinger, Michelle Krainhöfner, and Miguel M. Gonçalves
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    Reasoning may help solving problems and understanding personal experiences. Ruminative reasoning, however, is inconclusive, repetitive, and usually regards negative thoughts. We asked how reasoning as manifested in oral autobiographical narratives might differ when it is ruminative versus when it is adaptive by comparing two constructs from the fields of psychotherapy research and narrative research that are potentially beneficial: innovative moments and autobiographical reasoning. IMs captures …Read more