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    Melanosomes and ancient coloration re‐examined: A response to Vinther 2015 (DOI 10.1002/bies.201500018)
    with Mary H. Schweitzer and Alison E. Moyer
    Bioessays 37 (11): 1174-1183. 2015.
    Round to elongate microbodies associated with fossil vertebrate soft tissues were interpreted as microbial traces until 2008, when they were re‐described as remnant melanosomes – intracellular, pigment‐containing eukaryotic organelles. Since then, multiple claims for melanosome preservation and inferences of organismal color, behavior, and physiology have been advanced, based upon the shape and size of these microstructures. Here, we re‐examine evidence for ancient melanosomes in light of inform…Read more