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    Resolving the small improvement argument: a defense of the axiom of completeness
    Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics 8 (1): 24. 2015.
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    The Rhetoric of Homosexual Practice
    Journal of Religious Ethics 41 (4): 601-625. 2013.
    Many Protestant denominations have or recently had policies that prohibit “self-avowed practicing homosexuals” from being ordained. By only prohibiting “practicing” homosexuals, proponents of these policies claim that they do not discriminate against homosexuals as a group since, technically, a homosexual can still be ordained as long as she is “non-practicing.” In other words, a condemnation of homosexual practice is not the same as a condemnation of homosexual persons. I argue that this is not…Read more
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    Front Matter
    with David Armstrong and Creagh McLean Cole
    Journal of Religious Ethics 35 (1). 2007.
    'With this scheme, John Anderson joins a very distinguished line of philosophers who have presented us with a set of categories. We have first Plato , then Aristotle, Kant, Hegel, and Samuel Alexander.' - D. M. Armstrong, from the introduction. Space, Time and the Categories presents a unique record of personal influence and inspiration over three generations of philosophers in Australia, England and Scotland. This work is a vitally important text in the history of the development of realist phi…Read more
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    Clinical Research in Context: Reexamining the Distinction between Research and Practice
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 35 (1): 46-63. 2010.
    At least since the seminal work of the (US) National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research in the 1970s, a fundamental distinction between research and practice has underwritten both conceptual work in research ethics and regulations governing research involving human subjects. Notwithstanding its undoubted historical importance, I believe the distinction is problematic because it misrepresents clinical inquiry. In this essay, I aim to clarify the …Read more