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    Gilbert Ryle: An Introduction to his Philosophy (review)
    Review of Metaphysics 35 (4): 882-883. 1982.
    Although William Lyons's study of Ryle is designed "primarily" as a "simple, clear and basically sympathetic introduction to his work... in a way that is digestible by a tyro in philosophy," more advanced students of the subject will find it useful largely for its extended effort to absorb and assess the body of criticism that has accumulated around The Concept of Mind, not least of all Ryle's own during the last twenty-five years of his life when he produced a long series of supplementary artic…Read more
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    Theories and Things
    Review of Metaphysics 36 (1): 184-184. 1982.
    "Our scientific theory can indeed go wrong," writes Quine, "and precisely in the familiar way: through failure of predicted observation. But what if, happily and unbeknownst, we have achieved a theory that is conformable to every possible observation, past and future? In what sense could the world then be said to deviate from what the theory claims? Clearly in none...."