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    Grain of Salt
    In K. Vaidya (ed.), Teach Philosophy with a Sense of Humor. pp. 202-210. 2021.
    Imagine my surprise at discovering - tucked inside the cover of a first edition Alice in Wonderland – an unknown dialogue written by Lewis Carroll himself! It was scribbled on the back of a napkin, punctuated by Carroll’s tell-tale signature, and seems to have been written hastily. Carroll is known among laypersons as an absurdist, but he’s esteemed among formal thinkers as impressively logical. You can probably then imagine my further surprise at discovering various fallacies and confusions in …Read more
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    Situating Knowledges: Latin American Readings of PostmodernismThe Postmodernism Debate in Latin AmericaPostmodernism: Center and PeripheryOn Edge. The Crisis of Contemporary Latin American Culture (review)
    with Laura Garcia-Moreno, Jose Oviedo, Desiderio Navarro, George Yudice, Jean Franco, and Juan Flores
    Diacritics 25 (1): 63. 1995.
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    Diverse Approaches to Meaning-Making at the End of Life
    with Hollen N. Reischer
    American Journal of Bioethics 19 (12): 68-70. 2019.
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    The Ties that Undermine
    Bioethics 30 (5): 304-311. 2016.
    Do biological relations ground responsibilities between biological fathers and their offspring? Few think biological relations ground either necessary or sufficient conditions for responsibility. Nevertheless, many think biological relations ground responsibility at least partially. Various scenarios, such as cases concerning the responsibilities of sperm donors, have been used to argue in favor of biological relations as partially grounding responsibilities. In this article, I seek to undermine…Read more
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    These Are the Times We Have to Live in: An Interview with Roberto Fernández Retamar
    with Goffredo Diana and Roberto Fernández Retamar
    Critical Inquiry 21 (2): 411-433. 1995.
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    The Postmodernism Debate in Latin America
    with Michael Aronna and José Oviedo
    Duke University Press. 1995.
    Postmodernism may seem a particularly inappropriate term when used in conjunction with a region that is usually thought of as having only recently, and then unevenly, acceded to modernity. Yet in the last several years the concept has risen to the top of the agenda of cultural and political debate in Latin America. This collection explores the Latin American engagement with postmodernism, less to present a regional variant of the concept than to situate it in a transnational framework. Recognizi…Read more