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    Is Davidson a Gricean?
    Dialogue 48 (3): 557. 2009.
    ABSTRACT: In his recent collection of essays, Language, Truth and History, Donald Davidson appears to endorse a philosophy of language which gives primary importance to the notion of the speaker’s communicative intentions, a perspective on language not too dissimilar from that of Paul Grice. If that is right, then this would mark a major shift from the formal semanticist approach articulated and defended by Davidson in his Inquiries into Truth and Interpretation. In this paper, I argue that alth…Read more
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    Did Wittgenstein practise what he preached?
    Philosophy 81 (3): 445-462. 2006.
    Wittgenstein made numerous pronouncements about philosophical method. But did he practice what he preached? Cook addresses this question by studying Wittgenstein’s treatment of the problem of other minds, tracing a line of argument that runs through his writings and lectures from the early 1930s to the 1950s. Cook finds that there is an inconsistency between Wittgenstein’s methodological advice and his actual practice. Instead of bringing words back from their metaphysical to their everyday use,…Read more
  • Lewis Edwin Hahn, ed., The Philosophy of Donald Davidson (review)
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  • Donald Davidson, Truth, Language, and History (review)
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