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    The adaptability of self-action perception and movement control when the limb is passively versus actively moved
    with Brendan D. Cameron, Ian M. Franks, and Romeo Chua
    Consciousness and Cognition 21 (1): 4-17. 2012.
    Research suggests that perceptual experience of our movements adapts together with movement control when we are the agents of our actions. Is this agency critical for perceptual and motor adaptation? We had participants view cursor feedback during elbow extension–flexion movements when they actively moved their arm, or had their arm passively moved. We probed adaptation of movement perception by having participants report the reversal point of their unseen movement. We probed adaptation of movem…Read more
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    Davenport's Dream. 21st Century Reflections on Heredity and Eugenics
    with Jan A. Witkowski
    Journal of the History of Biology 42 (3): 593-598. 2009.
  • Inspiring Science: Jim Watson and the Age of DNA
    with Joseph Sambrook and Jan A. Witkowski
    Journal of the History of Biology 37 (2): 400-402. 2004.
  • The Survival of Sentient Beings
    Dissertation, The University of British Columbia (Canada). 2000.
    This thesis is concerned with the metaphysical question of in what our survival consists. To survive in the sense to be explored herein is for there to be future experiences about which one should be egoistically concerned. I focus on one's survival as a sentient being, a being capable of having experiences but possibly lacking some of the attributes of a person. ;There are two categories into which metaphysical theories of survival fall: reductionist theories and nonreductionist theories. I arg…Read more