• Murray Code, Myths of Reason (review)
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  •  6
    Descartes’s changing mind
    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 37 (3): 398-419. 2006.
    Descartes is always concerned about knowledge. However, the Galileo affair in 1633, the reactions to his Discourse on method, and later his need to reply to objections to his Meditations provoked crises in Descartes’s intellectual development the import of which has not been sufficiently recognized. These events are the major reasons why Descartes’s philosophical position concerning how we know and what we may know is radically different at the end of his life from what it was when he began. We …Read more
  • Science Reason Rhetoric (edited book)
    with Henry Krips and Trevor Melia
    University of Pittsburgh Press. 1995.
    This volume marks a unique collaboration by internationally distinguished scholars in the history, rhetoric, philosophy, and sociology of science. Converging on the central issues of rhetoric of science, the essays focus on figures such as Galileo, Harvey, Darwin, von Neumann; and on issues such as the debate over cold fusion or the continental drift controversy. Their vitality attests to the burgeoning interest in the rhetoric of science
  • Science, Reason, and Rhetoric
    with Henry Krips, Trevor Melia, and Alan Chalmers
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