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    Paper was presented at the 29th Annual Symposium on Economic Crime in Cambridge, England. Regardless of our concern for privacy, real-time criminal activity information is being disseminated throughout cyberspace by the private sector. This information is growing very quickly while being archived for search and retrieval on a long term basis. This is inevitable and could not, nor should not, be stopped. Law enforcement and government policy makers should consider the risk of sharing with the ris…Read more
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    The author has extensive law enforcement experience and the paper is intended to provoke thought on the use of technology as it pertains to information sharing between the police and the private sector. As the world edges closer and closer to the convergence of man and machine, the human capacity to retrieve information is increasing by leaps and bounds. We are on the verge of knowing everything and anything there is to know, and literally in the blink of an eye! This means that police will have…Read more
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    Some might think that the problems associated with international securities fraud on the Internet are overwhelming. The author asserts that in spite of some significant identified challenges, the RCMP is up to the challenge.