•  37
    Quantum mechanics in multiply-connected spaces
    with Sheldon Goldstein, D. Dürr, R. Tumulka, and and N. Zanghì
    J. Phys. A, to appear, quant-ph/0506173.
  •  24
    New avenues in supersymmetry and supergravity
    Foundations of Physics 13 (3): 395-407. 1983.
    We analyze the problem of constructing supersymmetric versions of gauge theories of particles and of gravity which have a closed supersymmetric algebra. Inparticular we present the basic no-go theorems that indicate that in four dimensions it is not possible to construct suitably extended supersymmetric versions of the above theories without drastic modification of the supersymmetric algebra. Two ways past the“N=3” barrier are discussed; that of central charges involved highly constrained versio…Read more
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    The Aharonov-Bohm effect: Still a thought-provoking experiment (review)
    with Mark D. Semon
    Foundations of Physics 18 (7): 731-740. 1988.
    In the Aharonov- Bohm effect, electromagnetic potentials alter the two-slit interference pattern formed by an electron beam. We discuss here a curious feature of this effect, namely that, even though the interference pattern changes, none of its moments are shifted