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    Instruction, Rationality and Learning to be Moral
    Journal of Moral Education 15 (2): 127-138. 1986.
    Abstract Moral education programmes which concentrate exclusively on the process of developing critical thinking skills are criticized for their one?sided and incomplete conception of the rational enterprise. Rational moral thinking calls for both criticism and conformity to standards, and critical thinking is vacuous and impotent until it is linked with the prima?facie intuitions which constitute a moral way of life. The fostering of rational moral behaviour, therefore, requires, in addition to…Read more
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    Moral Reasoning and Moral Education
    Journal of Moral Education 6 (2): 75-80. 1977.
    Abstract It is argued that R.W. Beardsmore's account of moral reasoning provides the most satisfactory explanation of moral behaviour and this is supported by an examination of his main criticisms of R.M. Hare and Philippa Foot. The chief educational implication of Beardsmore's account of moral development is, it is suggested, that, though educators cannot be uncommitted on fundamental moral issues, they can, nevertheless, ensure that rational procedures are followed. A committed teacher is not,…Read more
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    Open Education: a slogan examined
    Educational Studies 5 (1): 35-41. 1979.
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    Alexander's Satraps of Media
    Journal of Ancient History 1 (2): 119-144. forthcoming.