• This study examines the role of myth in Kabbalah against the backdrop of a critical investigation of the often-repeated, supposedly sharp, dichotomy between Kabbalah and philosophy. Specifically, it considers the traditions and writings of the early Kabbalists of the twelfth and first half of the thirteenth centuries in Provence and Catalonia. These include the traditions attributed to R. Isaac the Blind as well as the writings of R. Asher b. David, R. Ezra, R. Azriel, and R. Jacob ben Sheshet. …Read more
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    Chap. 1. Creativity in the first kabbalistic writings -- Chap. 2. The philosophic ethos -- Chap. 3. Investigating God in rabbinic and later Jewish literature -- Chap. 4. The philosophic ethos in the writings of the first kabbalists -- Chap. 5. Investigating God in Sefer ha-Bahir -- Chap. 6. The philosophic ethos in the writings of Nahmanides.