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    Environmental Philosophy 6 (1): 113-116. 2009.
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    'Something adequate'? In memoriam Seamus Heaney, Sister Quinlan, Nirbhaya
    Arts and Humanities in Higher Education 13 (1-2): 141-148. 2014.
  • A Kantian Critique Of Positive Aesthetics Of Nature
    American Society for Aesthetics Graduate E-Journal 2 (2): 1-7. 2010.
    Upon introducing aesthetic judgment in his Critique of Judgment, Kant proceeds to focus almost exclusively on elucidating positive aesthetic judgment. In the face of the conspicuous absence of negative judgment, scholars debate whether it is possible at all in Kant’s aesthetics. In the field of environmental aesthetics, an analogous issue exists. Environmental philosophers adhering to a positive aesthetics of nature position claim that, for the most part, only positive aesthetic evaluations are …Read more
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    Stoic Quietude
    Environmental Ethics 38 (1): 47-61. 2016.
    Soundscapes are comprised of biological sounds, non-biological sounds, and sounds introduced through human activity. These sounds provide us with the opportunity to both better understand and enjoy the natural world. Di­verse soundscapes across the globe are being degraded and disappearing altogether in the face of global climate change and habitat alteration. Humility and quietude are required as a means to confront the devastating loss of soundscapes. Stoicism offers fruitful accounts of these…Read more