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    Dialogue, Selection, Subversion: Three Approaches to Teaching Women Writers
    with Martha F. Bowden and Karen B. Gevirtz
    Lumen: Selected Proceedings From the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies 32 127. 2013.
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    The epistemology of genre
    In Alexander John Dick & Christina Lupton (eds.), Theory and Practice in the Eighteenth Century: Writing Between Philosophy and Literature, Pickering & Chatto. 2008.
    In “The Epistemology of Metaphor,” Paul De Man analyzes the problem of figural language in Locke, Condillac, and Kant, and suggests that the proliferation of figuration in language is a central difficulty for eighteenth-century philosophy. De Man, curiously enough, provides examples from philosophy while (aside from an oblique reference to the gothic novel) largely ignoring the "depository of the problem": Literature. And yet, readers of Sterne will find De Man's subject—the fear of metaphoric…Read more