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    The Principle of Double Effect in End-of-Life Care
    The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly 15 (3): 515-529. 2015.
    In Catholic moral theology, the principle of double effect has been an effective normative tool for centuries, and it can be used to determine the ethicality of actions that contain both good and evil consequences. The principle of double effect is especially useful in end-of-life care, because many end-of-life treatment options inherently have both good and evil conse­quences. The principle of double effect can be used to make both practical and moral distinctions between the acts of euthanasia…Read more
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    In the debate surrounding the morality and legality of the practices of physician-assisted death and euthanasia, a common logical argument regularly employed against these practices is the “slippery slope argument.” One formulation of this argument claims that acceptance of physician-assisted death will eventually lead down a “slippery slope” into acceptance of active euthanasia, including its voluntary, non-voluntary, and/or involuntary forms, through psychological and social processes that war…Read more
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    The Utility of a Bioethics Doctorate: Graduates’ Perspectives
    with Daniel Hurst, Christine Trani, Ariel Clatty, and Sarah Stockey
    Journal of Medical Humanities 40 (4): 473-487. 2019.
    Each year, many young professionals forego advanced education in the traditional doctoral programs of medicine, law, and philosophy in favor of pursuing a PhD or professional doctorate in bioethics or healthcare ethics that is offered by several major institutes of higher education across the United States. These graduates often leverage their degrees into careers within the broader field of bioethics. As such, they represent a growing percentage of professional bioethicists in both academia and…Read more
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    Imminent Death Donation: Ethical and Practical Policy Considerations
    Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 46 (2): 524-537. 2018.
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    Volume 20, Issue 2, February 2020, Page 62-64.