•  111
    A unified approach to restricted games
    with E. Algaba and J. M. Bilbao
    Theory and Decision 50 (4): 333-345. 2001.
    There have been two main lines in the literature on restricted games: the first line was started by Myerson (1977) that studied graph-restricted games an the second one was initiated by Faigle (1989). The present paper provides a unified way to look on the literature and establishes connections between the two different lines on restricted games. The strength and advantages of this unified approach becomes clear in the study of the inheritance of the convexity from the game to the restricted gam…Read more
  •  18
    Pocklington Equation via Circuit Theory
    with V. Barrera-Figueroa, Av Ipn No, Col Barrio La Laguna Ticomán, and J. Sosa-Pedroza
    Apeiron: Studies in Infinite Nature 16 (1): 45. 2009.
  •  2
    La espiritualidad de la educación integral como factor de bienestar bioético y sostenible
    with Juan Manuel Pineda-Albaladejo and Francisco José Moya-Faz
    Scientia et Fides. forthcoming.
  • La ley universal de fuerzas de Roger Boscovich
    with José Fuertes
    El Basilisco 23 57-68. 1998.
  • Evaluating Impact on Motivation and Academic Performance of a Game-Based Learning Experience Using Kahoot
    with Andrés Fuster-Guilló, María Luisa Pertegal-Felices, Antonio Jimeno-Morenilla, María Luisa Rico-Soliveres, and Felipe Restrepo-Calle
    Frontiers in Psychology 10. 2019.