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    Underwater Self-determination: Sea-level Rise and Deterritorialized Small Island States
    Ethics, Policy and Environment 17 (2): 225-237. 2014.
    Global climate change is likely to become a major cause of future migration. Small Island States are particularly vulnerable since territorial destruction caused by sea level rise poses a threat to their entire existence. This raises important issues concerning state sovereignty and self-determination. Is it possible for a state to remain self-determining even if it lacks a stable population residing on a specific territory? It has been suggested that migrants from disappearing Small Island Stat…Read more
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    “Teach more, but do not expect any applause”: Are Women Doubly Discriminated Against in Universities’ Recruitment Processes?
    with Douglas Brommesson, Gissur Ó Erlingsson, and Mattias Fogelgren
    Journal of Academic Ethics 20 (3): 437-450. 2022.
    Studies repeatedly find that women and men experience life in academia differently. Importantly, the typical female academic portfolio contains less research but more teaching and administrative duties. The typical male portfolio, on the other hand, contains more research but less teaching and administration. Since previous research has suggested that research is a more valued assignment than teaching in academia, we hypothesise that men will be ranked higher in the peer-evaluations that precede…Read more