• Anáfora: la estructura normativa del contenido emocional
    with Miguel Angel Pérez Jiménez
    Universitas Philosophica 26 (52): 53-80. 2009.
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    The Principle of Context and the Principle of Compositionality only conflict when they are construed as claims about the origin of meanings. I will clarify this point by means of an historical survey into the treatment that PCtxt receives in Frege's Grundlagen and in Wittgenstein's Tractatus. I will argue that Frege actually introduces non-equivalent formulations of PCtxt generating an unstable notion of meaning when related with PCmp. The Tractatus solves this imbalance by assuming both the con…Read more
  • Joseph Kosuth’s arguments for supporting Conceptual Art take for granted, and merely invert, the very categories of Formalism which are the critical target of his proposal. That is due to a narrow notion of truth, understood as adequatio or as tautology. A subjectivist and internist conception of the work of art is an unexpected consequence of this view. A different conception comes out if we follow Gadamer in adopting a hermeneutic view regarding the identity of the work, which considers the ma…Read more
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    Las razones con las que Joseph Kosuth ha defendido el arte conceptual dan por supuestas las categorías del formalismo que Kosuth pretende criticar, y meramente las invierte. Ello obedece a una noción restringida de verdad, entendida como adequatio o como tautología (formal). La consecuencia ineludib..