•  10
    Offensive Transitions in High-Performance Football: Differences Between UEFA Euro 2008 and UEFA Euro 2016
    with Rubén Maneiro, Claudio A. Casal, Isaac Álvarez, Sergio López, Antonio Ardá, and José Luís Losada
    Frontiers in Psychology 10. 2019.
  • Science Mapping Analysis Software Tools: A Review
    with Antonio G. López-Herrera, Enrique Herrera-Viedma, and Manuel J. Cobo
    In Wolfgang Glänzel, Henk F. Moed, Ulrich Schmoch & Mike Thelwall (eds.), Springer Handbook of Science and Technology Indicators, Springer Verlag. pp. 159-185. 2019.
    Scientific articles are one of the most important types of output of a researcher. In that sense, bibliometrics is an essential tool for assessing and analyzing academic research output contributing to the progress of science in many different ways. It provides objective criteria to assess research developed by researchers, being increasingly valued as a tool for measuring scholarly quality and productivity. Science mapping is a bibliometric tool to analyze and mine scientific output. The aim of…Read more