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    Compensating atmospheric turbulence with CNNs for defocused pupil image wavefront sensors
    with Sergio Luis Suárez Gómez, Carlos González-Gutiérrez, Juan Díaz Suárez, Juan José Fernández Valdivia, Luis Fernando Rodríguez Ramos, and Jesús Daniel Santos Rodríguez
    Logic Journal of the IGPL 29 (2): 180-192. 2021.
    Adaptive optics are techniques used for processing the spatial resolution of astronomical images taken from large ground-based telescopes. In this work, computational results are presented for a modified curvature sensor, the tomographic pupil image wavefront sensor, which measures the turbulence of the atmosphere, expressed in terms of an expansion over Zernike polynomials. Convolutional neural networks are presented as an alternative to the TPI-WFS reconstruction. This technique is a machine l…Read more
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    The Positive Spiral Between Problem-Solving Management and Trust: A Study in Organizations for Individuals With Intellectual Disability
    with Yolanda Estreder, Vicente Martínez-Tur, Inés Tomás, Alice Maniezki, and Luminiţa Pătraş
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2021.
    To achieve their goals, organizations for individuals with intellectual disability have to stimulate high-quality relationships between professionals and family members. Therefore, achieving professionals’ trust in family members has become a challenge. One relevant factor in explaining professional’s trust in families is the degree to which family members use the “problem-solving” conflict management strategy in their disputes–disagreements with professionals. It is reasonable to argue that whe…Read more
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    No traço dos Traços do Nosso Rosto
    Philosophica 19 241-250. 2002.
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    La siempre fascínate escritura rulfiana continúa dialogando con el mundo. El así conocido “escritor de las letras mexicanas”, nos sigue ofreciendo un mar de posibilidades de acercamiento a otras áreas humanísticas entre las cuáles incluimos a la filosofía. Coincidentes en la época y en la geografía mexicana, Juan Rulfo y María Zambrano se encontraron en 1939. Exponentes ejemplares y creadores de nuevos caminos en la escritura literaria y filosófica, los exponemos como paralelos a través de dos p…Read more
  • No Traço dos Traços do Nosso Rosto
    Philosophica: International Journal for the History of Philosophy 10 (19-20): 241-250. 2002.
    The essay Tracing the Traces of our Face concerns the relationship between the drawing, the self-portrait and the image in the mirror. This is accomplished following some ideas exposed in Bachelard's The wather an d the dreams where the mirroring on still water is put up into debate. The present paper tries to explore a concept of self-portrait departing of Bachelard’s notion of naturalization of the image. In this way it is set up the idea that the drawing self-portrait can be an action that gi…Read more
  • O Auto-Retrato como Consciência da Nossa Vida
    Philosophica: International Journal for the History of Philosophy 21 (42): 93-105. 2013.
    Departing from the work of Georg Simmel on Rembrandt, we try to characterize self-portrait as a moment of inner confrontation and of inner inquiry on our inner self and individuality. All self-portraits are pervaded by the ephemeral character of life, where death is constantly present. The self-portrait is born from the drawing and the drawing develops it in a continuity where the past juts out in the present. The human face is the sum of a duration that moulds its traits, its expression and its…Read more
  • O auto retrato como consciência da nossa Vida
    Philosophica -- Revista Do Departamento de Filosofia da Faculdade de Letras de Lisboa 42. 2013.