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    Long-interval intracortical inhibition in primary motor cortex related to working memory in middle-aged adults
    with María Redondo-Camós, Gabriele Cattaneo, Vanessa Alviarez-Schulze, Selma Delgado-Gallén, Goretti España-Irla, Javier Solana-Sanchez, Ruben Perellón-Alfonso, Sergiu Albu, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, and David Bartres-Faz
    Frontiers in Psychology 13. 2022.
    IntroductionExcitability of the primary motor cortex measured with TMS has been associated with cognitive dysfunctions in patient populations. However, only a few studies have explored this relationship in healthy adults, and even fewer have considered the role of biological sex.MethodsNinety-seven healthy middle-aged adults completed a TMS protocol and a neuropsychological assessment. Resting Motor Threshold and Long-Interval Intracortical Inhibition were assessed in the left motor cortex and r…Read more
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    Molecular and Brain Volume Changes Following Aerobic Exercise, Cognitive and Combined Training in Physically Inactive Healthy Late-Middle-Aged Adults: The Projecte Moviment Randomized Controlled Trial
    with Alba Castells-Sánchez, Francesca Roig-Coll, Rosalía Dacosta-Aguayo, Noemí Lamonja-Vicente, Pere Torán-Monserrat, Guillem Pera, Alberto García-Molina, Pilar Montero-Alía, Antonio Heras-Tébar, Juan José Soriano-Raya, Cynthia Cáceres, Sira Domènech, Marc Via, Kirk I. Erickson, and Maria Mataró
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 16. 2022.
    Behavioral interventions have shown promising neuroprotective effects, but the cascade of molecular, brain and behavioral changes involved in these benefits remains poorly understood. Projecte Moviment is a 12-week multi-domain, single-blind, proof-of-concept randomized controlled trial examining the cognitive effect and underlying mechanisms of an aerobic exercise, computerized cognitive training and a combined groups compared to a waitlist control group. Adherence was > 80% for 82/109 particip…Read more
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    Sense of Coherence Mediates the Relationship Between Cognitive Reserve and Cognition in Middle-Aged Adults
    with Gabriele Cattaneo, Javier Solana-Sánchez, Kilian Abellaneda-Pérez, Cristina Portellano-Ortiz, Selma Delgado-Gallén, Vanessa Alviarez Schulze, Catherine Pachón-García, H. Zetterberg, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, and David Bartrés-Faz
    Frontiers in Psychology 13. 2022.
    In recent years, supported by new scientific evidence, the conceptualization of cognitive reserve has been progressively enriched and now encompasses not only cognitive stimulating activities or educational level, but also lifestyle activities, such as leisure physical activity and socialization. In this context, there is increasing interest in understanding the role of psychological factors in brain health and cognitive functioning. In a previous study, we have found that these factors mediated…Read more
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    Meaning in Life: A Major Predictive Factor for Loneliness Comparable to Health Status and Social Connectedness
    with Dídac Macià, Gabriele Cattaneo, Javier Solana, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, and David Bartrés-Faz
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    Objective: Loneliness is the subjective distress of feeling alone and has a strong impact on wellbeing and health. In addition to well-known predictors like isolation and poor health, a better understanding of the psychological determinants of loneliness would offer effective targets for future complementary interventions.Methods: In this cross-sectional observational study, we compared the explanatory power of several important risk factors of loneliness with the affective, motivational, and co…Read more
  • Modulation of right motor cortex excitability without awareness following presentation of masked self-images
    with Hugo Théoret, Masahito Kobayashi, Lotfi Merabet, Tim Wagner, and Alvaro Pascual-Leone
    Cognitive Brain Research 20 (1): 54-57. 2004.