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    Teoría y praxis en el pensamiento de Heidegger
    Studia Heideggeriana 13 167-184. 2024.
    El texto presenta la crítica heideggeriana a los conceptos de teoría y praxis, tal como han sido acuñados por la tradición filosófica. El artículo muestra el giro transformador que hace el filósofo alemán en el tratamiento de estas dos nociones, con el fin de delinear una nueva concepción de filosofía, a propósito de la crítica y transformación de estas concepciones. La crítica se centra en señalar cómo en la tradición filosófica ha preponderado la teoría, comprendida desde una visión lógico – r…Read more
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    Traffic Noise Annoyance in the Population of North Mexico: Case Study on the Daytime Period in the City of Matamoros
    with Benito Zamorano-González, Fabiola Pena-Cardenas, Yolanda Velázquez-Narváez, Víctor Parra-Sierra, Oscar Monreal-Aranda, and Lucía Ruíz-Ramos
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    Aim: The presence of noise in urban environments is rarely considered a factor that causes damage to the environment. The primary generating source is transportation means, with vehicles being the ones that affect cities the most. Traffic noise has a particular influence on the quality of life of those who are exposed to it and can cause health alterations ranging from annoyance to cardiovascular diseases. This study aims to describe the relationship between the traffic noise level and the perce…Read more
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    Teleparallel Kähler Calculus for Spacetime
    with Douglas G. Torr
    Foundations of Physics 28 (6): 931-958. 1998.
    In a recent paper [J. G. Vargas and D. G. Torr, Found. Phys. 27, 599 (1997)], we have shown that a subset of the differential invariants that define teleparallel connections in spacetime generates a teleparallel Kaluza-Klein space (KKS) endowed with a very rich Clifford structure. A canonical Dirac equation hidden in this structure might be uncovered with the help of a teleparallel Kähler calculus in KKS. To bridge the gap to such a calculus from the existing Riemannian Kähler calculus in spacet…Read more
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    In 1960–1962, E. Kähler enriched É. Cartan’s exterior calculus, making it suitable for quantum mechanics (QM) and not only classical physics. His “Kähler-Dirac” (KD) equation reproduces the fine structure of the hydrogen atom. Its positron solutions correspond to the same sign of the energy as electrons.The Cartan-Kähler view of some basic concepts of differential geometry is presented, as it explains why the components of Kähler’s tensor-valued differential forms have three series of indices. W…Read more
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    The Cartan-Einstein Unification with Teleparallelism and the Discrepant Measurements of Newton's Constant G
    with Douglas G. Torr
    Foundations of Physics 29 (2): 145-200. 1999.
    We show that in 1929 Cartan and Einstein almost produced a theory in which the electromagnetic (EM) field constitutes the time-like 2-form part of the torsion of Finslerian teleparallel connections on pseudo-Riemannian metrics. The primitive state of the theory of these connections would not, and did not, permit Cartan and Einstein to realize how their torsion field equations contained the Maxwell system and how the Finslerian torsion contains the EM field. Cartan and Einstein discussed curvatur…Read more
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    The energy-momentum relationship is obtained in para-Lorentzian dynamics. It is shown that the well-known correspondence rule for the operators energy and momentum holds in any inertial system if it is assumed to hold in the preferred reference frame. The new Dirac equation is obtained. Some qualitative features of the new theory are given; one of then is the spontaneous appearance of conserved-vector and nonconserved-axial weak currents. Finally one evaluates the convenience of further developm…Read more
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    Problems of synchronization in special relativity: A reply to G. Cavalleri and G. Spinelli (review)
    Foundations of Physics 13 (12): 1231-1235. 1983.
    Cavalleri and Spinelli have criticized previous work, connected with synchronization procedures, by the present author. This reply discusses their criticisms
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    Perspectivas de la posmodernidad institucional
    Cuadernos de Filosofía Latinoamericana 32 (104): 121-127. 2011.
    Este trabajo tiene como objetivo analizar las perspectivas teórico-metodológicas del posmodernismo como tendencia de la política comparativa. A pesar de que los posmodernistas frecuentemente rechazan algunos de los puntos del acercamiento conductual, la psicología política tiende a abarcarlos. En este análisis se sugiere que se debe tener cuidado cuando se atribuyen elementos al posmodernismo ya que está lejos de ser una disciplina monolítica, pues contiene diferentes áreas de interés, tales com…Read more
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    On the geometrization of electrodynamics
    Foundations of Physics 21 (4): 379-401. 1991.
    This paper develops the conjecture that the electromagnetic interaction is the manifestation of the torsion Ωμ of spacetime. This conjecture is made feasible by the natural separation of the connection ω μ v into “gravitational” and “electromagnetic” parts α μ v and β μ v , respectively, related to the metric and to the torsion. When α μ v is neglected in front of β μ v , the affine geodesics are shown to become the equations of motion of charged particles with Lorentz force, for an appropriate …Read more
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    Nonrelativistic para-Lorentzian mechanics
    Foundations of Physics 11 (3-4): 235-278. 1981.
    After reviewing the foundations of special relativity and the room left for rival theories, a set of nonrelativistic para-Lorentzian transformations is derived uniquely, based on (a) a weaker first principle, (b) the requirement that the transformations sought do not give rise to the clock “paradox” (in a refined version), and (c) the compliance of the transformations with the classical experiments of Michelson-Morley, Kennedy-Thorndike, and Ives-Stilwell. The corresponding dynamics is developed…Read more
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    The electrodynamics consistent with the para-Lorentzian mechanics developed in previous papers is obtained. The transformation law for the fields, Maxwell's equations, and the potentials are the main topics considered. One then obtains the gauge transformation and the electromagnetic action with a view to further develop the para-Lorentzian theory of the electron
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    It has recently been shown by Vargas, (4) that the passive coordinate transformations that enter the Robertson test theory of special relativity have to be considered as coordinate transformations in a seven-dimensional space with degenerate metric. It has also been shown by Vargas that the corresponding active coordinate transformations are not equal in general to the passive ones and that the composite active-passive transformations act on a space whose number of dimensions is ten (one-particl…Read more
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    The emergence of a Kaluza-Klein microgenometry from the invariants of optimally Euclidean Lorentzian spaces
    with Douglas G. Torr
    Foundations of Physics 27 (4): 533-558. 1997.
    It is shown that relativistic spacetimes can be viewed as Finslerian spaces endowed with a positive definite distance (ω0, mod ωi) rather than as pariah, pseudo-Riemannian spaces. Since the pursuit of better implementations of “Euclidicity in the small” advocates absolute parallelism, teleparallel nonlinear Euclidean (i.e., Finslerian) connections are scrutinized. The fact that (ωμ, ω0 i) is the set of horizontal fundamental 1-forms in the Finslerian fibration implies that it can be used in prin…Read more
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    Revised Robertson's test theory of special relativity: Supergroups and superspace (review)
    Foundations of Physics 16 (12): 1231-1261. 1986.
    The revised Robertson's test theory of special relativity (SR) has been constructed upon a family of sets of passive coordinate transformations in flat space-time [J. G. Vargas and D. G. Torr,Found. Phys., 16, 1089 (1986)]. In the same paper, it has also been shown that the boosts depend in general on the velocities of the two frames involved and not only on their relative velocity. The only exception to this is SR, if one has previously used an appropriate constraint to remove the other relativ…Read more
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    Revised Robertson's test theory of special relativity
    Foundations of Physics 14 (7): 625-651. 1984.
    The only test theory used by workers in the field of testing special relativity to analyze the significance of their experiments is the proof by H. P. Robertson [Rev. Mod. Phys. 21, 378 (1949)] of the Lorentz transformations from the results of the experimental evidence. Some researchers would argue that the proof contains an unwarranted assumption disguised as a convention about synchronization procedures. Others would say that alternative conventions are possible. In the present paper, no conv…Read more
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    The issue of whether teleparallel nonlinear connections exist is resolved by their explicit construction on Finslerian metrics that arise in the Robertson test theory of special relativity (RTTSR), and on the Minkowski metric in particular. The method is an adaptation to the Finsler bundle of a similar construction for teleparallel linear connections. It suggests the existence of a concept of metric compatibility alternative toω μλ +ω λμ = 0 for teleparallel nonlinear connections. A sophisticate…Read more
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    Revised Robertson's test theory of special relativity: Space-time structure and dynamics (review)
    with Douglas G. Torr
    Foundations of Physics 16 (11): 1089-1126. 1986.
    The experimental testing of the Lorentz transformations is based on a family of sets of coordinate transformations that do not comply in general with the principle of equivalence of the inertial frames. The Lorentz and Galilean sets of transformations are the only member sets of the family that satisfy this principle. In the neighborhood of regular points of space-time, all members in the family are assumed to comply with local homogeneity of space-time and isotropy of space in at least one free…Read more
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    The kinematic aspects of the rocket-borne clock experiment by Vessot and Levine are analyzed with the revised Robertson's test theory of special relativity (Found. Phys. 14, 625 (1984)). Besides the expected time-dilation, it is found that the intermediate steps of this experiment yield in principle Michelson-Morley type information (a relation between longitudinal and transverse length contractions) in the third order of the velocities involved, but no relativity-of-simultaneity related effects…Read more
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    Geometrization of the physics with teleparallelism. II. Towards a fully geometric Dirac equation
    with Douglas G. Torr and Alvaro Lecompte
    Foundations of Physics 22 (4): 527-547. 1992.
    In an accompanying paper (I), it is shown that the basic equations of the theory of Lorentzian connections with teleparallelism (TP) acquire standard forms of physical field equations upon removal of the constraints represented by the Bianchi identities. A classical physical theory results that supersedes general relativity and Maxwell-Lorentz electrodynamics if the connection is viewed as Finslerian. The theory also encompasses a short-range, strong, classical interaction. It has, however, an o…Read more
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    A connection viewed from the perspective of integration has the Bianchi identities as constraints. It is shown that the removal of these constraints admits a natural solution on manifolds endowed with a metric and teleparallelism. In the process, the equations of structure and the Bianchi identities take standard forms of field equations and conservation laws.The Levi-Civita (part of the) connection ends up as the potential for the gravity sector, where the source is geometric and tensorial and …Read more
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    Análisis sobre la figura del profesor en tiempos de posmodernismo
    with Ignacio Perlado Lamo de Espinosa and Jose María Barroso Tristán
    Human Review. International Humanities Review / Revista Internacional de Humanidades 11 (1): 1-13. 2022.
    En este artículo realizamos una aproximación investigativa-teórico-reflexiva sobre los efectos del postmodernismo y la postmodernidad en la sociedad actual y en el ámbito educativo en particular (centrándonos en el papel del maestro/profesor). Bajo la apariencia del bien común: mayor igualdad, ecologismo, atención a la diversidad, respeto a las diferencias…, una de las visiones del postmodernismo lo convierte en el chivo expiatorio del capitalismo, propiciando que este siga fagocitándose, genera…Read more
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    El objetivo de este trabajo es analizar la salvación laica formulada por el Dios ficticio del relato “El silencio de Dios” de Juan José Arreola. Primero, se establece un recorrido por las aproximaciones críticas hechas sobre el texto arreolino. Después, se muestra mediante ejemplos la tensión existencial-religiosa que Arreola efectivamente vivenció y se identifica la presencia de esta condición en su narrativa, especialmente en el relato aquí analizado. Por último, se analiza y se intenta descri…Read more