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    Kant’s Neglected Account of the Virtuous Solitary
    International Philosophical Quarterly 55 (1): 67-83. 2015.
    In this paper I analyze the importance of Kant’s account of principled solitude at the end of § 29 of the Third Critique. The scant attention paid to this passage by the scholarship has mistaken it to mean that solitude is a misanthropic attitude, a misreading that serves a prevailing interpretation that Kant elevates communal interaction as the solution to moral turpitude. In reality, Kant holds that solitude can afford an individual liberation from the competitive obsession with others that ch…Read more
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    Leisure is Not a Luxury in advance
    Radical Philosophy Review. forthcoming.
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    Leisure Is Not a Luxury
    Radical Philosophy Review 19 (2): 453-473. 2016.
    This paper argues for the legitimacy of daydreaming as an important condition of a liberatory political vision, using a Marcusean framework to supplement and extend the critique of productivism recently made by Kathi Weeks. By differentiating free time from mere pastime, I show that daydreaming not only builds our political imagination, but it also reminds us of the value of unproductive free time. Situating Marcuse within a survey of the role of play and leisure in Aristotle, Schiller, and Marx…Read more
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    Moran, Kate A. Community and Progress in Kant’s Moral Philosophy (review)
    Review of Metaphysics 68 (2): 438-439. 2014.