Joshua Blander

The King's College
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    Catching Hold of Christ’s Humility
    Philosophia Christi 23 (2): 377-389. 2021.
    The increased attention paid to the virtue of humility in recent years has revealed much interest in severing humility from its theological roots and commitments. In their recent books, Kent Dunnington and Michael Austin offer distinctively Christian approaches to, and accounts of, humility. Dunnington offers a strongly Augustinian proposal which focuses on recognizing our complete dependence on God, while Austin argues for a Christological account, rooted in the New Testament, that emphasizes o…Read more
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    Same as it never was: John Duns Scotus’ Paris Reportatio account of identity and distinction
    British Journal for the History of Philosophy 28 (2): 231-250. 2020.
    In his Paris Reportatio John Duns Scotus challenges ordinary views of identity and distinction. I argue that Scotus affirms that there is more than one type of identity: some forms of identity are...