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    Leland Royce Harper: Multiverse deism: shifting perspectives of God and the world (review)
    International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 1-4. forthcoming.
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    An epistemological challenge to ontological bruteness
    International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 1-19. forthcoming.
    It is often assumed that the first stage of many classical arguments for theism depends upon some version of the Principle of Sufficient Reason being true. Unfortunately for classical theists, PSR is a controversial thesis that has come under rather severe criticism in the contemporary literature. In this article, I grant for the sake of argument that every version of PSR is false. Thus, I concede with the critics of PSR, that it is possible that there is, at least, one fact that is ontologicall…Read more
  • The Eutaxiological Argument and Apophatic Theism
    Dissertation, University of Birmingham. 2020.
    This thesis proffers a novel argument from order for the existence of God called the eutaxiological argument. It maintains the universe’s order and existence is fundamentally grounded in logos (λογος) or Mind. Unlike teleological design arguments, the eutaxiological argument is not concerned with the alleged end or purpose of some physical entity—e.g., the human eye, the bacteria flagellum, or the universe taken as a whole. It is, instead, concerned with the fact that the universe is ordered. It…Read more
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    An apophatic response to the evidential argument from evil
    International Journal of Philosophy and Theology 78 (4-5): 485-497. 2017.
    I argue that Christian apophaticism provides the most powerful and economical response to the evidential argument from evil for the non-existence of God. I also reply to the objection that Christian apophaticism is incoherent, because it appears to entail the truth of the following contradiction: it is both possible and impossible to know God’s essential properties. To meet this objection, I outline a coherent account of the divine attributes inspired by the theology of the Greek Father’s and St…Read more