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    What is film?
    Peter Lang. 2016.
    Introduction -- 1. Transparency -- Introduction -- Photographs and transparency -- Films and transparency -- Criticisms of transparency --2. Illusionism -- Introduction -- Currie's arguments against cognitive illusionism -- Arguments against cognitive illusionism -- Currie's arguments against perceptual illusionism -- Evaluating perceptual illusionism -- 3. Perceptual realism -- Introduction -- Currie's account of perceptual realism -- Problems with resemblance theories -- 4. Summary -- 5. A new…Read more
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    In this close analysis of Immanuel Kant’s aesthetics in his Critique of Judgment, Dr. Julie N. Books, explains why Kant fails to provide a convincing basis for his desired necessity and universality of our aesthetic judgments about beauty. Drawing upon her extensive background in the visual arts, art history, and philosophy, Dr. Books provides a unique discussion of Kant’s supersensible, illuminating how it cannot justify his a priori nature of our aesthetic judgments about beauty. She uses exam…Read more
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    The Ontology of Film
    Dissertation, University of Massachusetts Amherst. 2002.
    Contemporary philosophers have tried to determine whether transparency, illusionism, or perceptual realism best explains realism in film. In this dissertation I will explain these three doctrines, critically evaluate them, and discuss the criticisms that have been raised against them. I will then propose my own account of the ontology of film. ;In Chapter 1 I will discuss the doctrine of transparency that is defended by Kendall Walton, which says that most films are transparent because we see th…Read more