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    John Hick's "pluralistic hypothesis" of religion essays a comprehensive vision of religious diversity and its attendant soteriological, epistemological, and ontological implications. At the heart of Hick's proposal is the belief in the transcendental unity and soteriological identity of all religions. While coherent and compelling, Hick's model militates against those traditions that do not possess an ultimate noumenal referent that undergirds the phenomenal responses of culturally conditioned t…Read more
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    This paper attempts to recast Zhuangzi's Butterfly Dream within the larger normative context of the 'Inner Chapters' and early Daoism in terms of its moral significance, particularly in the way that it prescribes how a Daoist should live through the 'significant symbol' of the butterfly. This normative reading of the passage will be contrasted with two recent interpretations of the passage - one by Robert Allinson and the other by Harold Roth - that tend to focus more on the epistemological and …Read more
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    This paper examines the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in the light of the early Confucian thinker Mencius, arguing in essence that Mencian theories of moral development and self-cultivation can help us to recover the moral significance of Twain's novel. Although 'ethical criticisms' of Huckleberry Finn share a long history, I argue that most interpretations have failed to appreciate the moral significance of Jim, either by focusing on the moral arc of Huck in isolation or by casting Jim in one-…Read more
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    The Rhetoric Of Context
    Journal of Religious Ethics 41 (4): 555-584. 2013.
    This paper presents a critical appraisal of the recent turn in comparative religious ethics to virtue theory; it argues that the specific aspirations of virtue ethicists to make ethics more contextual, interdisciplinary, and practice-centered has in large measure failed to match the rhetoric. I suggest that the focus on the category of the human and practices associated with self-formation along with a methodology grounded in “analogical imagination” has actually poeticized the subject matter in…Read more
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    Antecedents of Adopting Corporate Environmental Responsibility and Green Practices
    with Young Min Kim and Young Ei Kim
    Journal of Business Ethics 148 (2): 397-409. 2018.
    This paper examines the antecedents of organizational commitment for adopting corporate environmental responsibility and green practices in the case of the logistics industry in South Korea. Seven hundred and eighty employees and top management from logistics companies were sampled. The data were analyzed using factor analysis, structural equation modeling techniques, and one-way analysis of variance. The results showed that social expectations, organizational support, and stakeholder pressure w…Read more
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    This essay examines the intra-poetic relationship between the "Inner Chapters" and the "Syncretist Chapters" of the Zhuangzi , exploring the affinities and tensions between the two competing works by analyzing not only how the Syncretist authors deliberately displace and recast the precursor poem by engaging in an act of creative revisionism, but also how the "Syncretist Chapters" unconsciously reveal a hidden debt to the "Inner Chapters," especially in regard to the practices of inner cultivati…Read more
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    This study examines the normative foundations of early Confucian ethics and suggests that rather than attempting to understand Confucian ethics in the language of ‘morality’ a more productive way would be to appreciate Confucianism as an ethics of propriety that can be articulated in terms of social roles, ritual decorum, and relational dependence. I argue that Western notions of ‘morality’ betray a thicker, more culturally loaded concept that possesses a limited utility in regard to comparative…Read more
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    Anthropomorphic Design: Emotional Perception for Deformable Object
    with Jongsoo Baek and Da Young Ju
    Frontiers in Psychology 9. 2018.
    Despite the increasing number of studies on user experience and user interfaces, few studies have examined emotional interaction between humans and deformable objects. In the current study, we investigated how the anthropomorphic design of a flexible display interacts with emotion. For 101 unique 3D images in which an object was bent at different axes, 281 participants were asked to report how strongly the object evoked five elemental emotions (e.g., happiness, disgust, anger, fear, and sadness)…Read more
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    Van Norden, Bryan W. (tr.), Mengzi: With Selections from Traditional Commentaries (review)
    Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 11 (3): 409-413. 2012.
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    ArgumentMutuality in “contact zones” has been emphasized in cross-cultural knowledge interaction in re-evaluating power dynamics between centers and peripheries and in showing the hybridity of modern science. This paper proposes an analytical pause on this attempt to better invalidate centers by paying serious attention to the limits of mutuality in transcultural knowledge interaction imposed by asymmetries of power. An unusually reciprocal interaction between a Japanese forester, Ishidoya Tsuto…Read more
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    The CRISPR Revolution in Genome Engineering: Perspectives from Religious Ethics
    Journal of Religious Ethics 50 (3): 333-360. 2022.
    This focus issue considers the normative implications of the recent emergence in genome editing technology known as CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) or CRISPR-associated protein 9. Originally discovered in the adaptive immune systems of bacteria and archaea, CRISPR enables researchers to make efficient and site-specific modifications to the genomes of cells and organisms. More accessible, precise, and economic than previous gene editing technologies, CRISPR hold…Read more
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    Comparative Religious Ethics and the Politics of Christian Identity
    Journal of Religious Ethics 47 (4): 781-788. 2019.
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    Between universalism and regionalism: universal systematics from imperial Japan
    British Journal for the History of Science 48 (4): 661-684. 2015.
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    Journal of Religious Ethics 47 (4): 754-758. 2019.
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    © 2016, UNESCO IBE.Using comparative data, this article examines the level and distribution of participation in adult education opportunities among countries that participated in PIAAC. It considers observed cross-country patterns in relation to some mechanisms that drive unequal chances to participate and to some policy issues that surround the provision, governance, and financing of different types of adult learning. It also explores recent policy developments relevant to AE in three selected …Read more
  • Book Review (review)
    Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 10 245-249. 2011.
  • Introduction -- Daoism and "morality" -- Hearing the silent harmony: revisioning ethics in the Zhuangzi -- Travellers on the way: friendship in the Zhuangzi -- The preservation of the Way: rights, community, and social ethics in the Zhuangzi -- The great returning: death and transformation in the Zhuangzi -- Inwardly a sage, outwardly a king: the Way as ruler.
  • The unique properties of lasers create an enormous potential for specific treatment of chronic ear disease. Despite the widespread acceptance and use of the laser, however, a complete understanding of the time- and space-dependent temperature distribution in otic capsule bone immediately after pulsed laser exposure has not been elucidated. Using a liquid nitrogen- cooled mercury-cadmium telluride infrared detector, the temperature distribution in human cadaveric otic capsule bone was determined …Read more
  • Comparative Religious Ethics and the Limits of Virtue
    Journal of Religious Ethics 41 (4). 2013.