Cardiff University
School of English, Communication and Philosophy
PhD, 2010
Cardiff, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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    This paper aims to analyze R. G. Collingwood’s maiden work in philosophy, Religion and Philosophy, in the light of the realism/idealism dispute in early twentieth-century British philosophy. Due to scholars’ narrow scopes of interests, this book has suffered divided and unsettled understandings in literature that find only either realist or idealist character in it. By contrast, I comprehensively examine various aspects of the work on which both readings rest in turn—his conception of history an…Read more
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    Collingwood on the Connexion Between the Theory of Knowledge and Moral Philosophy
    Collingwood and British Idealism Studies 16 (1-2): 5-24. 2010.
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    In spite of the evident centrality of philosophical 'realism' in Collingwood's autobiographical account of his own intellectual development, his critique of 'realism' has hardly been investigated as a central theme in his philosophy. Collingwood's arguments against contemporary 'realism' and his stated move beyond 'idealism' have mostly been treated as a minor question subordinate to other questions. By contrast, I have tried in this thesis to reconstruct Collingwood's philosophy as a critical d…Read more