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    With Peach Blossom Spring and other poetical works written by Tao Qian in the 5th century, there was born a vision of utopia that remains forever etched into the Chinese collective imaginary. Thirteen centuries later, Cao Xueqin drew inspiration from it when he gave form to the ‘Grandview Garden’, a universe with fundamentally female characteristics and one of the centres for the plot of The Story of the Stone, a masterpiece of Chinese romantic fiction also known as ‘Dream of the Red Chamber/Man…Read more
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    A fixed point theorem for o-minimal structures
    Mathematical Logic Quarterly 49 (6): 598. 2003.
    We prove a definable analogue to Brouwer's Fixed Point Theorem for o-minimal structures of real closed field expansions: A continuous definable function mapping from the unit simplex into itself admits a fixed point, even though the underlying space is not necessarily topologically complete. Our proof is direct and elementary; it uses a triangulation technique for o-minimal functions, with an application of Sperner's Lemma
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    Schelling’s Criticism of Kant’s Theory of Time
    Idealistic Studies 40 (1-2): 83-102. 2010.
    This paper aims at engaging Kant’s and Schelling’s theories of time in dialogue. It begins with Schelling’s famous criticism of Kant’s theory of time in his Weltalter. It will examine this question from four main perspectives, namely the unity of time; time and a unitary object of experience;subjectivity of time; and the problem of infinity of time. It will show that Schelling’s criticism may instigate some fundamental reflections on Kant’s theory oftime, the relation between objective and subje…Read more
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    Analyzing and Responding to Different Christian Views of the Corporation
    with Albert Erisman and Denise Daniels
    Business and Professional Ethics Journal 23 (4): 93-114. 2004.
  • The emergence of managed health care, especially when delivered by for-profit corporations, has prompted moral concerns over harm to patients. Critics allege that these organizations cannot properly honor their traditional medical role of healing patients, while attempting to honor their business obligations since it will be tempting to withhold necessary care in order to increase profits. ;While this issue has generated an emotional public response, the literature addressing the ethical implica…Read more
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    Le papillon dans le jardin
    Diogène 209 (1): 139. 2005.
  •  10
    The Concept of Being and the Ontological Status of Plato's
    Philosophical Inquiry 26 (4): 67-88. 2004.
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    Computability of Minimizers and Separating Hyperplanes
    Mathematical Logic Quarterly 42 (1): 564-568. 1996.
    We prove in recursive analysis an existence theorem for computable minimizers of convex computable continuous real-valued functions, and a computable separation theorem for convex sets in ℝm
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    Hegel's criticism of laozi and its implications
    Philosophy East and West 61 (1): 56-79. 2011.
    Hegel’s famous criticism of Laozi in his Lectures on the History of Philosophy, has been a center of controversy in comparative philosophy. It is often regarded as an example of the unfair treatment of Chinese philosophy by its Western counterpart, that the West is measuring the East according to its own standard, imposing on the latter its understanding of what philosophy should be, passing judgment on China that it has no mature philosophy, or, if it has, that it is still in an unsophisticated…Read more
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    In this essay, we demonstrate that the field of computer ethics shares many core similarities with two other areas of applied ethics, Academicians writing and teaching in the area of computer ethics, along with practitioners, must address ethical issues that are qualitatively similar in nature to those raised in medicine and business. In addition, as academic disciplines, these three fields also share some similar concerns. For example, all face the difficult challenge of maintaining a credible …Read more
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    Tobacco advertising and children: The limits of first amendment protection (review)
    Journal of Business Ethics 15 (10). 1996.
    A recent wave of public interest surrounding the alleged advertising of cigarettes to children has raised First Amendment issues under the commercial speech doctrine. The two most vocal sides of this debate are sharply divided over the amount of constitutional protection that should be offered to tobacco advertisers. Proponents of restrictions on such ads argue that commercial speech does not advance any ideas worth preserving and is consequently deserving of less protection than other forms of …Read more