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    The democratic system in the U.S. is in disarray. Daily reports of hostile confrontation, fake news, alternative facts, ad hominem attacks, and increasing tribalism are distressing. But those divisions also indicate something good about our democratic system. We can, as yet, still voice our dissent, take collective public action, and engender grassroots activism without legitimate reprisal for those activities in themselves. But the public discourse is increasingly polarizing and unproductive. I…Read more
  • The Ethos of Postmodernity and the Politics of Education
    Dissertation, Purdue University. 1998.
    Forged at the intersection of three orientations in philosophical thought, this project examines the contours of a philosophical framework from which we may understand and support a radical critical pedagogy suited to the contemporary ethos. Various themes common to "Postmodernist", "Feminist", and "Pragmatist" orientations in philosophy are discussed as they apply to a democratic philosophy of education. This theoretical integration supports a democratic ethic and a method of "equipollence" in …Read more