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    Emerging Perspectives in Philosophy: A Critical Reflection of Thought (edited book)
    with Madhu Kapoor and Sushmita Bhowmik
    Readers Service in Association with Budge Budge College, Dept. Of Philosophy. 2011.
    Contributed papers presented at a seminar organized by Department of Philosophy, Budge Budge College.
  • Journey of Vāk
    Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy 16 101-105. 2018.
    This paper takes an Indian philosophical approach to explore the play of reality with imagination in the realm of poetic creation. Endowed with the impulse of creation, the poet referred to as ‘ṛṣi’, i.e., the seer, in Sanskrit, seeks to express his vision of the world through his literary creation, the kāvya. ‘Sŗṣṭi’, the Sanskrit word for ‘creation’, signifies three things simultaneously - an activity, a process and the result of them, i.e., the created one. Here, attempt is made to show how i…Read more