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    A service company selling and repairing complex hardware is always tightly pressed to reduce the labor hours of its service engineers in the filed to reduce cost of service and to keep the profit margins on contracts high. Such companies relies highly on intensive technical training for such engineers to enable them right field skills, improving their performance and addressing the areas of high cost of service. It is very important for such high capital companies to look into ROI of the trainin…Read more
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    Phased and Gated Product Development Project Life Cycle
    Dissertation, Raman K. Attri. 2007.
    Every company has a unique project Life cycle which is used as a tool for project management and tracking the product development projects. Project Life Cycle is a tool typically used to manage the projects from its inception till the product has been introduced into the market. This report describes the Phase-Gate Project Life Cycle for product development outlining formal PLC structure, PLC elements, gate review process and gate deliverables.
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    Fusion PIC code performance analysis on the Cori KNL system
    with T. S. Koskela, J. Deslippe, and B. Friesen
    We study the attainable performance of Particle-In-Cell codes on the Cori KNL system by analyzing a miniature particle push application based on the fusion PIC code XGC1. We start from the most basic building blocks of a PIC code and build up the complexity to identify the kernels that cost the most in performance and focus optimization efforts there. Particle push kernels operate at high AI and are not likely to be memory bandwidth or even cache bandwidth bound on KNL. Therefore, we see only mi…Read more