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    Many philosophical positions depend on claims about the mind. Though it‟s tempting to think that the claims that matter – at least from a philosophical perspective – are claims about the conscious mind, emerging evidence suggests that the unconscious plays a surprisingly significant role in our mental lives. Given the centrality of claims about the mind to philosophical positions, and the centrality of the unconscious to the mind, it‟s important for philosophers to take account of discoveries ab…Read more
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    Memory, Knowledge and Epistemic Competence
    Review of Philosophy and Psychology 2 (1): 89-104. 2011.
    Sosa (2007) claims that a necessary condition on knowledge is manifesting an epistemic competence. To manifest an epistemic competence, a belief must satisfy two conditions: (1) it must derive from the exercise of a reliable belief-forming disposition in appropriate conditions for its exercise and (2) that exercise of the disposition in those conditions would not issue a false belief in a close possible world. Drawing on recent psychological research, I show that memories that are issued by epis…Read more
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    Natural Language and the Propositional Attitude Complex
    SWIF Philosophy of Mind Review 5 (3). 2006.