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    It Takes More than Moore to Answer Existence-Questions
    Erkenntnis 86 (2): 355-366. 2021.
    Several recent discussions of metaphysics disavow existence-questions, claiming that they are metaphysically uninteresting because trivially settled in the affirmative by Moorean facts. This is often given as a reason to focus metaphysical debate instead on questions of grounding. I argue that the strategy employed to undermine existence-questions fails against its usual target: Quineanism. The Quinean can protest that the formulation given of their position is a straw man: properly understood, …Read more
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    Much recent work in metaontology challenges the so-called ‘Quinean tradition’ in metaphysics. Especially prominently, Amie Thomasson argues for a highly permissive ontology over ontologies which eliminate many entities. I am concerned with disputing not her ontological claim, but the methodology behind her rejection of eliminativism – I focus on ordinary objects. Thomasson thinks that by endorsing the Quinean criterion of ontological commitment eliminativism goes wrong; a theory eschewing quanti…Read more
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    Getting off the Inwagen: A Critique of Quinean Metaontology
    Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy 4 (6). 2016.
    Much contemporary ontological inquiry takes place within the so-called ‘Quinean tradition’ but, given that some aspects of Quine’s project have been widely abandoned even by those who consider themselves Quineans, it is unclear what this amounts to. Fortunately recent work in metaontology has produced two relevant results here: a clearer characterisation of the metaontology uniting the aforementioned Quineans, most notably undertaken by Peter van Inwagen, and a raft of criticisms of that metaont…Read more
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    Quine's metametaphysics
    In Ricki Bliss & James Miller (eds.), Routledge Handbook of Metametaphysics, Routledge. pp. 49-60. 2020.
    W. V. Quine stands out as one of the foremost figures of twentieth-century analytic philosophy. This chapter aims to show that a significant part of his work’s enduring value lies in its contribution to metametaphysics, which will include showing how some more contentious aspects of Quine’s thought can be seen as indispensable to it; we will problematise the widespread belief that one can isolate basic elements of Quine’s metametaphysics without eroding their warrant. §1 introduces the broad con…Read more
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    God’s Not Dead But Reason Might Be
    The Philosophers' Magazine 76 9-15. 2017.
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    The Death of Moritz Schlick
    The Philosophers' Magazine 74 39-44. 2016.