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    Consciousness, cortical function, and pain perception in nonverbal humans
    Behavioral and Brain Sciences 30 (1): 82-83. 2007.
    Postulating the subcortical organization of human consciousness provides a critical link for the construal of pain in patients with impaired cortical function or cortical immaturity during early development. Practical implications of the centrencephalic proposal include the redefinition of pain, improved pain assessment in nonverbal humans, and benefits of adequate analgesia/anesthesia for these patients, which certainly justify the rigorous scientific efforts required. (Published Online May 1 2…Read more
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    Educational Goals
    with Bureau International D'éducation and Unesco
    UNESCO. 1980.
    IBE-UNESCO pub. Monograph of essays on educational policy goals - discusses the philosophy, theory and objectives behind educational goals, examines trends and issues relating to regional level educational systems, and emphasises the need for a global programme. Bibliography pp. 229 to 231 and references.