• Modern Western Concepts of Philosophy of Education
    with Y. V. Balabay and G. O. Khirina
    Granì 20 (6). 2017.
    The philosophy of education is represented by a wide range of concepts and approaches. The basic concepts of the philosophy of education can be divided into 4 groups according to the «pure» philosophical systems: realism, idealism, pragmatism, existentialism. Among the goals of the philosophy of education as an independent science are: stimulation, analysis, ordering, research. The delineation of the concept of education and the notion of school education are an important aspect in formulating t…Read more
  • Science of postnonclassical period is characterized by differentiation of methods of cognition both in natural sciences and in humanities. It is connected with rapid complication of modern world as a system included a number of sub­systems. The world and its objects are considered as arising and developing ones. Each period of revolution of science as a system of interconnected components, characterizing of special condition of scientific activity tending to permanent growth of objective­true kn…Read more