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    In Mills’ sociological analysis, a central notion is the ‘social milieu’ which encapsulates ‘the social setting of a person that is directly open to his personal experience’. For Mills, sociology should entail an investigation of the set of relations and practices that are a feature of human experience. Understanding the significance of Mills’ approach, we argue, requires grasping the way the notion of ‘milieu’ or ‘setting’ itself draws upon spatial and topological notions – notions that have be…Read more
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    Towards a Philosophy of the City: Interdisciplinary and Transcultural Perspectives (edited book)
    Rowman & Littlefield International. 2019.
    This volume provides an invaluable resource for advanced-level students of place and space in philosophy, geography, sociology and urban studies. It includes coverage of all the major terms, theories and concepts, examines specific cities and historical contexts, and explores future directions for a philosophy of the city.