•  53
    Finitism and the Problem of Evil
    Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 33 (4). 2000.
  •  53
    Diagrammatic representation in geometry
    Dialectica 60 (4). 2006.
    In this paper I offer a theory about the nature of diagrammatic representation in geometry. On my view, diagrammatic representaiton differs from pictorial representation in that neither the resemblance between the diagram and its object nor the experience of such a resemblance plays an essential role. Instead, the diagrammatic representation is arises from the role the components of the diagram play in a diagramatic practice that allows us to draws inferences based on them about the ojbects they…Read more
  •  23
    Moral Dilemmas and Inevitable Sin
    Faith and Philosophy 20 (1): 63-71. 2003.
  •  145
    Religious disagreement: internal and external (review)
    International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 74 (1): 21-31. 2013.
    Philosophers of religion have taken the assumption for granted that the various religious traditions of the world have incompatible beliefs. In this paper, I will argue that this assumption is more problematic than has been generally recognized. To make this argument, I will discuss the implications of internal religious disagreement, an aspect of this issue that has been too often ignored in the contemporary debate. I will also briefly examine some implications of my argument for how one might …Read more
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    Wong on Davidson
    Philosophical Papers 24 (1): 75-81. 1995.
    No abstract
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    Did Christ Pay for Our Sins?
    Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 32 (4). 1999.