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    This Master's Thesis discusses the nature of the Eucharistic Sacrifice in the systematic theology of two German scholars; Lutheran theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg and Roman Catholic theologian Joseph Ratzinger, the latter perhaps better known as pope (emeritus) Benedict XVI.
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    “Do this in remembrance of me…” A Lutheran defence of the sacrifice of the mass
    Studia Theologica: Nordic Journal of Theology' 71 (2): 127-147. 2017.
    This essay discusses the sacrificial nature of the Eucharist within Lutheran theology, in dialogue with Roman Catholic theology. It starts by making some remarks on the controversial nature of the subject, the substance of the Roman Catholic doctrine of the “Eucharistic Sacrifice”, and on Luther’s removal of the Offertory, and his revision of the Eucharistic prayer or the Canon, before making some comments on the various views on the “Eucharistic Sacrifice” amongst the Church Fathers, the ecumen…Read more