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    Nowadays the answer to the question “what is logic?” seems very simple and obvious—“logic is a science,” and after that usually one says what is this science about. As for the expressions “logic is an art” or “the art of logic,” then they are only metaphors or some kind of “façon de parler” used in serious scientific discourse. One of my aims here is to trace the line of development of dichotomy “logic as an art—logic as a science” and to demonstrate that both these feat uses of logic have funda…Read more
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    Towards the Philosophy of Walk
    Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy 47 189-193. 2018.
    Despite of the fact that walking is the most natural motion of a person and walk is a wide-spread phenomenon of human life, it is mostly out of the philosophical interest. It seems that walk is connected with thinking and philosophizing ob ovo. In the paper we aim to state inseparable connection and two-way influence of walking and thinking, moreover, of walk and philosophizing. Walk is interesting at least from three points of view: walk is a very specific manifestation of social, cultural and …Read more