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    A Deweyan positive education: psychology with philosophy
    with John Quay and Gavin R. Slemp
    Oxford Review of Education 45 (6): 786-801. 2019.
    Dewey’s vision for schooling can perhaps be described as an early positive education, a term now attributed to programmes derived from positive psychology. Positive psychology’s goals for education share many of Dewey’s ideas about community-mindedness and the role of education in nurturing citizenship. Having emerged from positive psychology, however, current programmes under the umbrella of positive education differ in that they are grounded in science rather than philosophy and are sometimes …Read more
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    A Deweyan contribution to positive education
    Dissertation, University of Melbourne. 2015.
    Positive education seeks to enhance wellbeing in schools by establishing a culture where success is measured in terms of happiness. This goal aligns well with Dewey’s educational philosophy, which espouses the importance of a positive school experience in the nurturing of good citizenship and the creation of a harmonious community. Dewey’s ideas and those expressed within the field of positive education, however, diverge on some aspects of their approach to education and, importantly, in their p…Read more