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    A Path Analysis of Greenwashing in a Trust Crisis Among Chinese Energy Companies: The Role of Brand Legitimacy and Brand Loyalty
    with Rui Guo, Caroline Bingxin Li, and Tao Wang
    Journal of Business Ethics 140 (3): 523-536. 2017.
    For many energy companies in China, green brand strategy is becoming an important approach to enhance competitive advantage. However, greenwashing behaviors result in a crisis of trust. Existing research focuses on green marketing, but is silent on the institutional view of the trust crisis resulting from greenwashing by energy brands. Thus, this study takes a decoupling perspective from institutional theory and considers legitimacy, energy policy management, and green brand theories to shed lig…Read more
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    © 2014 Tao et al.Modes of sexual reproduction in eukaryotic organisms are extremely diverse. The human fungal pathogen Candida albicans undergoes a phenotypic switch from the white to the opaque phase in order to become mating-competent. In this study, we report that functionally- and morphologically-differentiated white and opaque cells show a coordinated behavior during mating. Although white cells are mating-incompetent, they can produce sexual pheromones when treated with pheromones of the o…Read more
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    Subsequent primary malignancies after diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in the modern treatment era
    with C. A. Clarke, A. S. Rosenberg, R. H. Advani, B. A. Jonas, C. R. Flowers, and T. H. M. Keegan
    With the addition of rituximab and other treatment advances, survival after diffuse large B-cell lymphoma has improved, but subsequent primary malignancies have emerged as an important challenge for DLBCL survivorship. We calculated standardized incidence ratios and 95% confidence intervals for SPMs among 23 879 patients who survived at least 1 year after a first primary DLBCL diagnosed during 1989-2012, compared to the general population in California. Cumulative incidence of SPMs, accounting f…Read more