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    Many young and middle-aged maintenance hemodialysis patients suffer a poor prognosis, experience a series of problems during long-term treatment and are thus prone to stigma. This study was designed to analyze stigma in young and middle-aged maintenance hemodialysis patients and explore its influencing factors. This study was conducted as a cross-sectional descriptive study with a convenience sampling method and included 97 patients from Shanghai Jiao Tong University Affiliated Sixth People’s Ho…Read more
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    Nonlinear system identification using quasi-arx rbfn models with a parameter-classified scheme
    with Yu Cheng, Jinglu Hu, Jinling Liang, and Abdullah M. Dobaie
    Complexity 1-12. 2017.
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    The Independent and Shared Mechanisms of Intrinsic Brain Dynamics: Insights From Bistable Perception
    with Teng Cao, Zhouyuan Sun, Stephen A. Engel, and Sheng He
    Frontiers in Psychology 9. 2018.