Lara M. Mitias

Antioch College
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    17. The Place of the Body in the Phenomenology of Place: Edward Casey and Nishida Kitarō
    In Peter D. Hershock & Roger T. Ames (eds.), Philosophies of Place: An Intercultural Conversation, University of Hawaii Press. pp. 302-317. 2019.
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    P4C: Philosophy—Process, Perspective, and Pluralism—for Children
    Thinking: The Journal of Philosophy for Children 17 (1-2): 17-23. 2004.
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    Memory and the Past
    Dissertation, University of Hawaii at Manoa. 2008.
    Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2008
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    Toleration in Comparative Perspective ed. by Vicki A. Spencer
    Philosophy East and West 69 (1): 1-9. 2019.
    This book offers an examination of tolerance and toleration in pre-modern times and non-Western places. Part of the purpose of the book is to show that toleration is not a uniquely Western or modern concept. It is intended to "open a dialogue between various traditions of thought to explore precisely the ways in which overlap and distinctions exist" with practices and ideas of toleration in other cultures. It is meant not only to "pluralize our understanding of the Western tradition" and "illumi…Read more